Hello. Robert Wringham here. Supposedly humorous author, columnist, etc.

Despite being one of the most world’s most indolent layabouts, I’m the author of seven books. Seven!

But you might know me as the voice of New Escapologist or from my column in the Idler.

Mainly, I write miscellaneous short pieces as any humorist should. 800 words then go home.

I sometimes do a bit of capering, having them in the aisles and whatnot.

This Substack newsletter is to keep you up to date with my antics, big and small. I don’t use this mailing list particularly often, but expect occasional diary digests, reader correspondence, links to things I’ve been doing, special offers, and news of upcoming publications.

For more frequent (monthly) engagement, you might also be interested in the New Escapologist Substack.

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